• Improves posture

  • Elevates heart rate

  • Develops full body muscle tone

  • Promotes balance

  • Focuses on core strength

  • Reduces risk of dementia 

  • Improves brain health

  • Can be done for a lifetime

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  • It's fun!  

  • Encourages social connections

  • Develops confidence

  • Refines masculinity and femininity

  • Improves relationships

  • ​Promotes creative expression

  • Provides an outlet to perform​

  • Builds a skill you can use anywhere

Whole Body Health

First there's the obvious: Dancing is a full-body workout that elevates your heart rate and includes flexibility, balance, core strength and muscle development. 

You might not know that dancing also works your mind. Because dancers are continually making rapid-fire decisions based on constantly changing stimulus, partner dancing has been demonstrated to sharpen the mind and help ward off dementia in ways that repetitive-action activities do not.

We like this article on the mental benefits of dancing.


Six months ago James lost his wife and somehow he found himself stumbling into our studio looking for a way to reconnect with life again after devastating loss. One, cha-cha class. Two, a smile. A friendly touch. We saw him begin to have fun again. 

The power of dance to bring people together and make them smile never ceases to amaze us. Movement and music makes us happy. Human touch, eye contact and shared experiences bring people together. 

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Daily life can get repetitive and mundane sometimes. Dancing lets us tap into make believe and dream. Lifts! Lights! Dazzling costumes! Dramatic music! We love it all. 

Some people think that only the best dancers reach this point, but we disagree. At any skill level, when you get into that groove with the music, you feel an emotional high and quite honestly, we think it's good for the soul.