Danced to big band music, quickstep is blindingly fast and high-energy. Couples fly across the floor, jumping together while still in dance position! It is amazing to watch.


Great for beginners!

When you're thinking about Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire, the dance style you are picturing is Foxtrot. This classic ballroom dance was made popular in the 1930's and 1940's. Today, foxtrot is still danced to a lot of big band music from that era. 

Viennese Waltz 

This formal dance is at home in the Grand Ballrooms of Austria. The original ballroom dance, this fast waltz challenges couples to stay together in dance position as they spin quickly around the room. Watching a room full of Viennese Waltz dancers is breathtakingly beautiful! 


Great for beginners!

The classic Cha-Cha is fast, fun and flirty! Your feet will work to keep up with the quick cha-cha footwork and your hips will groove with classic Cuban action. We love the sassy confidence of this flashy dance!


Great for beginners!

Tango is aggressive, spicy and staccato.  This ballroom dance has a fiery Latin flavor stemming from its roots in South America. Tango is known for quick turns of the head and a stereotypical rose between the teeth. 


Great for beginners!

This deeply romantic dance is slow and sultry.  Rumba has rich Latin flavor but is so versatile and popular it can be danced to many different styles of music. Rumba is danced differently in the American and International styles. We love it both ways!

Paso Doble 

Paso Doble is the dance of the bullfighter and his cape. This bold, aggressive dance is full of dramatic posturing. This dance is unique in that it is very often danced to one particular piece of music called España Cañi.


Great for beginners!

Probably the most well-known ballroom dance, Waltz is what most people think of when they think of ballroom dancing. It has a dreamy, romantic flavor. It is distinctive because it is danced to music with a 3/4 time signature.

Lindy Hop

​Lindy hop was born in the 1920's, grew to popularity in the 1940's, and has never left that era. Lindy hoppers love to wear retro outfits and vintage dresses.  Lindy hop is a lively dance with tons of fun lifts and jumps.

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and learn how to dance."

-Paul D.


Great for beginners!

Hustle is a high-energy disco style dance for couples. Get your boogie on to great seventies hits with this groovy, dynamic dance. We also like to mix it up by dancing Hustle to club music and modern techno beats.


Great for beginners!

We love that old time rock and roll! Swing dancing has long been a staple in American partner dancing and you'll find swing dancing lovers all over the country. This high energy dance is easy to get started with and will have you smiling from your first day out on the dance floor!

West Coast Swing 

Break it down to top radio hits. The newest dance craze, West Coast Swing, is exploding in popularity.  The character of this dance is amazingly flexible. You can play with it by changing up the music, footwork and timing, which makes for a dance that is always fresh, different and uniquely your own.


This Latin dance is flowing and romantic. With its gorgeous long gliding steps and silky hip movements, this dance makes us feel sentimental and tender. 


Great for beginners!

This hot dance from the Caribbean is now popular worldwide. Salsa clubs can be found everywhere so this is a great dance to take out on the town.  This urban street dance will keep you moving with fast footwork, intricate arm movements and crazy spins. 


Great for beginners!

​Literally the easiest dance in the world, Merengue is great for easing the timid on to the dance floor. We love this dance because we can share the Latin flavor with kids, friends, and anyone else we'd like to invite to dance with us!

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​If you can dance it with a partner, we teach it here at Sway! We offer a large selection of fun dances. Explore and discover your favorite personal style.

Argentine Tango


This deeply sexy, sultry dance has rich South American roots. Danced almost cheek-to-cheek, this dance features a lot of intricate sliding and flicking leg action. This intimate dance is danced socially, often in clubs where this is the primary style danced all night. 



Born in Brazil, the Samba is a spicy, fun, party dance. The ballroom variation of this dance is highly stylized and features recognizable patterns that you can dance with parters everywhere. 

Country Two Step

Great for beginners!

Two Step is danced in country bars all over America so this is a great dance to take out on the town. This upbeat dance features lots of fun spins for the ladies. Throw on your boots and hat and dance to your favorite country tunes!